Welcome to Mindfully Inclusive.

This is a vision I have been longing to bring to life! I have so much to say, I don’t quite know where to start, and I will probably ramble at some points on this journey but my real goal is to educate and provide families with supportive tools. I hope to be a small reference guide in educating your family on those with different needs. I must be honest in that I am still learning too, as I’m sure we forever are in parenthood. But I have been part of the special needs parenthood journey since 2017 and whenever I have found myself in turbulence or a rough patch (as things can often go sideways unexpectedly) I have risen with a stronger drive to understand more. So I am here to learn too, I am here to learn more about accessibility, diversity, mindfulness, inclusion, ableism, and anything that can make this world a safe, more accepting place for everyone.

Something I have noticed since joining the disability community is that mainstream toys, books, places, and even conversations aren’t typically inclusive of those with disabilities. Many families want to educate their children, support them in being a kind friend when they go to school but aren’t sure where to start.  They want to be more inclusive but aren’t sure how. The past 6 years have brought out a passion within me to advocate and spread awareness in the world and to start these conversations in a friendly, joyful way, and I invite you to join me!

I trust the tools I offer will benefit every family, and my hope is to lift some of the stigma around those with disabilities.

Inclusion – the act of including or of being included within a group. Think ‘you can sit with me’ mentality, where everyone is welcome, we are all equal.

My love for all children runs deep and children have big emotions. They are honest and real, they don’t disguise their feelings like we learn to do as adults. In the world of yoga we help children navigate their emotions, we can influence their emotional state and ability to concentrate. In a daunting world full of corrupted media, lockdowns, caution-taped parks, we can’t expect our children to simply understand and move on as normal, they have compelling feelings that deserve addressing. They feel all of this, the weight of the world is heavy on them too. A big part of my goal is to share yoga tools that can lead a pathway to nurture and validate what is going on in their minds, to build social skills to self regulate and navigate their emotions.

Yoga comes in all forms and for children it is offered in many unique ways. I look forward to sharing some mindful activities with you soon!

Mindfulness – mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations.

Lastly, this is also a safe haven for other special needs parents to connect, whether new to the journey or not. I know I can’t change the whole world but if I can be that one Mom you’re able to connect with when you’re entering motherhood in a different form than you expected and are learning about a world of people with different abilities and challenges that you know very little about, that is my goal. Let me be here to tell you that you are not alone, none of us are. There is a wide spread tribe of incredible parents and kids going through the same thing and experiencing tiny miracles every day. If you are in the neuro-typical world and I can be that one Mom who shares some helpful tips on being mindful and inclusive to differences around you, that is my goal. The two worlds may look different from the outside but there is much more that make them alike than what separates them. It is my ultimate goal to bridge the gap between those two worlds, celebrate diversity, and promote kindness and unity for all.

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