Emotions Wheel – Feelings Spinner -Digital File (Colouring Page Included)


Printable Mindfully Inclusive Emotions Wheel w/Spinner featuring children with a hearing aid, braces, glasses etc to show we are all different.

Note: this is a digital file only, no physical products will be made. You will receive one high-resolution, professionally designed full-color file to print.

Step 1: Purchase Listing
Step 2: Print digital file in colour
Step 3: Cut along solid line to separate arrows and cut out one arrow (extras included for errors), use a thumb tack or scissors to poke a hole in the center.
Step 4: Use a Brad Fastener to attach the arrow to the wheel

Conversation Suggestions:
-Discuss highs and lows of your child’s day
-What makes you feel these emotions?
-What do you need when you feel this way?
-Can be used as part of a daily routine
-If your child has a limited vocabulary or is non speaking, you can talk to them about the emotions
and associated symbols. You may recognize your child’s emotion and help them acknowledge it too


INSTANT DOWNLOAD: This is a printable file and can be photocopied – no physical items will be sent.